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The Advantages of Roofing Maintenance in Southampton

At Absolute Exteriors Roofing, we recommend that customers in Southampton should have their roofing inspected at least once a year. Regular maintenance on pitched and flat roofs can save money in the long run and, if there are any outstanding issues, our roofing contractors can replace broken tiles, cracked slating or lead.


We provide a full range of roof repairs, all of which are provided at competitive prices. Here, we look at some of the reasons why clients in Southampton should call us for a regular roofing inspections:


1. A major reason to undergo regular roofing maintenance at your Southampton home is to prevent leaks. Over time, shingles and tiles get worn and no matter how high quality and well installed your roof is, a time will come when roof repairs are needed. Our roofing contractors are here for when these situations arise.


2. Annual roofing maintenance covers a whole range of different structures. Flat roofs, for instance, are not quite as effective as pitched roofs for drainage and without regular maintenance, guttering can become clogged. Our roofing contractors are able to maintain the waterproof seal on flat roofs to help prevent costly repairs at your Southampton home or business for many years into the future.


3. One of the most likely areas to find leaks is around chimneys, vents and skylights. Metal flashing is usually used in these places but it has a tendency to rust or decay over time. General roofing maintenance will highlight a problem immediately and we will carry out any necessary lead work or roof repairs to rectify the damage.


4. Gutters are an integral part of all roofing systems. Pitched and flat roofs need to have fascias, soffits and guttering checked regularly. Southampton has its fair share of extreme weather so blockages and storm damage can happen easily. Our roofing contractors keep gutters free of unwanted blockages.


5. Another part of our roofing maintenance programme is checking for damage on your chimney. We employ various methods in order to conserve the original structure and we always go the extra mile to keep a chimney true to its original form. Most chimney repairs are required because old pointing has eroded.


6. A regular maintenance plan can be arranged with you at any time. Our roofing contractors will visit you at your convenience and carry out the necessary checks at your Southampton property. Our prices are competitive and we aim to match any other quote you may have received from other local roofing companies.


Speak to us today about regular roofing maintenance at your Southampton property. Call 02380 600465 now to book an appointment.