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Flat Roofs and Pitched Roofs in Eastleigh Explained

At Absolute Exteriors Roofing, we work on many different types of roofs in Eastleigh but the main two are flat roofs and pitched roofs. When working on a new build project, undertaking roof repairs or helping on an extension at a property, our roofing contractors work closely with the customer to help them choose the right solution for their home.


Here, we explain the advantages of each of these two structures:


Pitched Roofing in Eastleigh

Pitched roofing has at least two slopes that rise to meet at a peak. The construction is designed so the homeowner can take advantage of the loft area. This provides big benefits over flat roofs because of the flexibility in a steeped structure. Your Eastleigh property will benefit from added insulation and more storage space. Rooms won’t be as affected by the temperature changes typically associated with flat roofs.


However, pitched roofs come with a higher price tag and roof repairs can sometimes be more complex than with other roofing systems. There’s also the added problem that a pitched roof may result in putting a bigger strain on your building’s foundations. Before our roofing contractors carry out an installation, we make sure that your Eastleigh property can cope with the added weight by carrying out a full survey.


Flat Roofs in Eastleigh

Flat Roofs are not exactly flat for obvious reasons. Rainwater has to be able to drain away so the surface is angled at a few degrees. Flat roofs are particularly suitable for smaller buildings such as porches, garages and extensions. Our Eastleigh roofing contractors, when installing flat roofs, fix a horizontal base to the structure’s ceiling joists and then cover it over with a waterproof membrane.

Flat roofs are economical and their construction is far less labour intensive than with pitched roofing. Roof repairs on flat surfaces are a simpler task and our roofing contractors price jobs in Eastleigh accordingly. Traditional flat roofs are covered by single-ply membranes to protect the surface from the hot sun but we also work with modern EPDM rubber and GRP fibreglass materials on request.


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